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The Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts at Northwestern University exists as an operational and administrative component of the School of Communication with the specific charge of producing, managing, funding and administering the performing arts productions of the School of Communication, Department of Theatre and Department of Performance Studies, including programmatic responsibility for theatre, music theatre and dance. The Center adheres to and reflects the academic mission of the University, the curricular needs of the Theatre and Performance Studies departments, the educational priorities of Communication students and exists in service to the campus and the greater community of the Metropolitan Chicago area.

The Wirtz Center is firmly committed to offering our audiences a view of the world on our stages that is as enlightening as it is entertaining; a place to come together to laugh, cry and be profoundly moved by some of the greatest writers, composers and choreographers from around the world, created and presented by some of the most exciting artists of tomorrow. As we seek to entertain at the highest artistic level, we strive to create a place where both our artists and our audiences relish the excitement of exploring differences and discovering similarities, of learning more about others as a means to learning more about ourselves.

For more information, call (847) 491-7282 or visit us at wirtz.northwestern.edu

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